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World's Deepest & Oldest Lake

Frozen lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia:
25 million years old Lake Baikal with the average depth of 744.4 meters (2,442 ft.), area of 12,248 sq miles (31,722 km²) and length of 395.2 miles (636 km) is the deepest, oldest freshwater lake in the world located in Siberia, Russia. New travelers go for hiking, cross-country skiing and to see the beauty of this winter lake where average temperatures vary from a minimum of −19 °C in winter to maximum of 14 °C in summer. You can find fishes like Omul, Arctic grayling, Baikal sturgeon etc.

Olkhon is the third largest lake-bound island in the world with an area of 730 km² as you can see in Baikal lake location map below.

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Here are Some beautiful and breathtaking Frozen lake Baikal photos

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