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If this research is to go by, making healthy eating habits and choices is primarily a state of mind, and one which can be cultivated over time.

Healthy Eating Habits

According to the study, eating an apple upon entering the grocery store led to shoppers buying 25% more fruits and vegetables than those who did not, in a new study from the Cornell Food & Brand Lab. "What this teaches us," says Aner Tal, PhD of Cornell,  "is that having a small healthy snack before shopping can put us in a healthier mindset and steer us towards making better food choices." 
The study advises shoppers to eat a small snack before heading to a grocery store so you make healthier choices.
Co-author Brian Wansink conducted three experiments to make their case, the first of which involved 120 shoppers. They were given at random an apple, a cookie or nothing at all as they arrived at the grocery store. Tracking their purchases, the researchers concluded that those who had eaten an apple bought 28% more fruits and vegetables than those who had consumed a cookie and 25% more fruits and vegetables that those who were not given a snack. 

What influences shoppers, according to the study, is the perceived healthfulness, rather than actual healthfulness. The research also advises shoppers to eat a small, healthy snack before going to the grocery store in order to reduce hunger and point you in the right direction when making healthy choices. This way they can also make good daily healthy eating habits.

Source: HTC & Relaxnews

Your Grocery Store Guide to Health

Monday, May 11, 2015

You know how they say ‘If I had to be marooned on an island…’? Well, I’d like that island to be Bali, Indonesia. A 1.5 hour flight away from Jakarta, Bali lies just 3km away from Java and is truly a paradise.

Scuba Diving in Amed, Bali  (image source)

Although I landed in Denpasar, Bali’s capital, instead of starting there, I decided to map a different route. Reason? A hankering for adventure. Amed is unexplored - it’s hardly frequented by tourists. It’s devoid of commercialism. Bali is home to 90% Hindus, followed by Muslim, Christian and Buddhist population.

Clown Fish (image source)

Now, back to adventure. I had two choices: trekking up Mount Agung, a 3000 meter active volcano or diving. But thanks to Bali’s famed coral reefs, I was interested in a meditative session of diving. Needless to say, it also wouldn’t challenge my sorry levels of stamina. If, however, you’re fit, Mount Agung can be climbed in 5-7 hours in a trek that begins 11pm. The Jemuluk Bay is an excellent choice for snorkelers too, and the rocky Tulamben Bay boasts of a US military shipwreck. We saw barracuda, mantis shrimp, frogfish and even a turtle, who was a very cool customer. Stay options are aplenty and they are cheap and excellent. For food, there are Indonesian cuisine. Try Pantai for their daily catch.

This small island of Indonesia is home to people with big hearts and it’s beauty, warmth and culture will leave your wanting for more, much more

Besakih Complex Pura Penataran Agung (image source)

Rice Fields in Ubud (image source)

The next leg of our journey was Ubud in central Bali, a quaint retreat where the countryside boasts of miles of terraced rice paddies. You can take a tour and buy souvenirs on the way. Although recently developed, Ubud is full of great restaurants, boutiques and shops where you can get masks, vintage wooden posters, jewellery and other knick knacks. It is also home to many art galleries that stock artworks by local artists. Make sure you catch dinner at CafĂ© Lotus, which also hosts a traditional Balinese dance performance with the Pura Saraswati (Saraswati Temple) as the backdrop. And though there are many places where you’ll find Italian, Mexican and even Indian, I suggest trying the local cuisine, like Nasi Goreng (a rice preparation), Mie Goreng (Noodles) and Sate (skewered meat with peanut sauce).

Tanah Lot Temple (image source)

I also visited a coffee plantation to check out the famed Luwak coffee which – brace your guts (no pun intended) – is literally ‘poop coffee’, made by extracting coffee seeds from the poo of the Luwak and roasting them. But it’s heart beating to see the animals caged, and in some places, being ‘fed’ the coffee beans rather than them ‘choosing’ the best ones, which they naturally do.

Shopping at Bali (image source)

After two days in Ubud, I headed to Seminyak in South Bali, which lies in stark contrast to the quiet streets of Amed. Here you will find swanky hotels, restaurants and stores. While I mostly lounged by the pool and walked along the beach, you could try surfing further down south in Kuta. As my journey came to an end, I realized that Bali isn’t all adventure and shopping, it’s also a spiritual revival, one that will always leave me wanting to come back, and you too.

Neha Malude (HTC News)

My Trip to Paradise of Love this Summer

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All health foods are not actually healthy: instead, some may make you gain weight. Here are healthy eating tips.

Resolved to lose weight and so, you’re only eating healthy these days? Think again, as certain foods that seem healthy are actually calorie bombs leading to weight gain. Here are some of those culprits, and expert advice on the right way to eat them.

Healthy Eating Tips
Ah! Yes, avocado is a delicious super food, and each avocado contains 10 gm of fiber and twice the amount of potassium as food in bananas. They are also full of anti-oxidants and are belly filling. However, if losing weight is your aim, you better watch your avocado intake. They are calorie dense, and are very high in fat content.

Expert advice: Use in moderation when adding them to your salads and sandwiches. Stick to one avocado a day.

Healthy Eating Tips
You may be snacking on dry fruits instead of popcorn at the movies or opting for peanuts, because someone told you nuts are healthy. Sure they have heart-healthy fats, but may pose as a hindrance in getting that lean body you desire.

Expert advice: Avoid the combination of beer and nuts.

Healthy Eating Tips
Protein is good, right? Oh yes it is, but not when it’s in the form of protein bars. If you want to lose kilos, stay away from these bars, or else say goodbye to those flat abs.

Expert advice: Replace the protein bars with lentils or egg whites, as they have a low calorie count.

Healthy Eating Tips
We’re not saying smoothies are bad, but you’ve got to exclude ingredients like peanut butter, chocolate, cream or flavored syrup from this yoghurt wonder, and you’re good to go.

Expert Advice: A healthy smoothie is one that only contains fresh fruits, low-fat yoghurt and unsweetened milk.

Healthy Eating Tips
We all switch to salads as soon as we pledge to start eating healthy. There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you don’t overload your salad with cheese, croutons, nuts and creamy dressings. Doing this will make your salad more fattening than a pizza!

Expert advice: Add seeds and nuts to your salad for the crunch and flavor.

Here in this video Katie is sharing some healthy eating tips and healthy breakfast ideas quick & easy way.
Click here to watch this video

Inputs by nutritionist Tripti Tandon (HTC News)

Eat Healthy, Share Healthy!

Experts Says These Foods are Calorie Bombs

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Are you ready to see more of the delightfully despicable minions? The quirky scientists of Pantone Color Institute, New Jersey, US, have just the thing for you. They have introduced a new color in a bright citric shade. The color is called Minion Yellow, inspired by the popular bespectacled animated characters Minions from the movie Despicable Me, and its upcoming sequel.

Not surprisingly, the brain behind this creation was the pop culture savant Pharrell Williams, who co-wrote the score for the flick and its sequel, and whose ability to create trends, be they in fashion or music, is well documented.

The vice president of Pantone Color Institute Laurie Pressman says, “Color is contextual, and right now there is a desire for colors that are more vibrant and uplifting.”

If one had any doubts that the pop culture of today has a huge influence on the world of fashion, this should put them to rest. And, gear up to see more of your beloved yellow creatures.

Watch all scenes and songs from Despicable Me 2.

Get Set To See Yellow this Season with Minions

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Saving the Earth? Why, that’s a job for activists and environmentalists, you might say. But who says you can’t do your bit? One earth day, today, here’s how you can make the planet a little better in a small yet significant way.

1. Don’t Use RO Water Systems
Using RO (reverse osmosis) purifiers is a waste of water, say experts. “RO purifiers use 75 liters of water to give you 25 liters of drinkable water” says renowned food and trade policy analyst and environmentalist, Devinder Sharma. “Obviously, a typical family uses much more than 25 liters of water a day – so you’re wasting much more than 75 liters. Here we are ruing the condition of our farmers and we leave that water to run down the drain, literally”. How can you use that water? “Use it for mopping, watering your plants, washing your car, anything, but use it” he says.

2. Give Away your Plastic Bottles
We have a tendency to keep collecting plastic bottles (like buying a bottle of water when we’re out) and then using the bottles to store drinking water at home or carry them to office as water bottles. Stop collecting plastic bottles or throwing them in the dustbin. You’re better off giving them away to scrap dealers who collect newspapers and other odds and ends from your home every month.

3. Switch Off that Desktop Computer
How many of us corporate employees are guilty of leaving our desktop computers on every day after we leave office? A desktop that is on for 8 hours a day using close to 600 kWh- that is around 170 kgs of CO2 every year. And this is just when it’s on. Of course, you can put your desktop in a hibernation mode, but do you?

4. Stop Using Paper – Switch to E-Bills
If you have credit cards and multiple bank accounts, chances are that you have paper bills and statements being posted to your every month too. How about switching to e-statements and e-bills? More and more people are switching to net banking, so they don’t even use chequebooks or passbooks anymore. What about you?

5. Quit Wasting That Water!
Did you know that a one-minute shower uses up around 30 liters of water? This goes up if it’s a high-power shower, of course. Multiply that by, say 10 minutes – that’s 300 liters of water wasted for an activity that shouldn’t take more than five minutes. And this isn’t even inclusive of your brushing, flushing or hand-washing! “An average toilet flush uses up 12.5 liters for 500 ml of urine”.

6. Plant A Plant 
No matter how small your space, have a plant. “Even if it’s just a herb or a green chili plant that needs little attention, grow it. A little amount of greenery goes a long way”. And if you like, you can even build a mini garden in your house – use vertical arrangement, hanging planters, box shelves – the choice is yours. After all, in an increasingly concrete world, it’s nice to have an oasis of your own, is it not?

7. Buy Less
Why buy it if you don’t need it? One of the main reasons we leave a huge carbon footprint is that we buy more than we use or need. More consumption, more resources, simple. If you can make do with one AC, why but two? One of the biggest problems of a growing economy is that our buying power has grown. The flip side is that now we buy more than we can use. Why buy 10 pairs of leather shoes when you end up using only five on a daily basis?

8. Fill Those Tyres
Of course, carpooling is way better than driving solo but hey, if you don’t have an option, make sure you fill your tyres properly. Many a time, we ignore filling our car tyres because we’re getting late but there are few who know what impact that can have. Improper inflating of tyres causes them to drag more to speed up, thus using more fuel, reducing your car’s efficiency and causing pollution through emissions.

9. Washing Woes
No one needs to be told how much water washing machines use, right? Plenty. Are you perhaps, guilty of throwing in a handful of dirty laundry and setting the option to ‘full load’? Wash your clothes only when the machine is full – and while you’re at it, clean that lint filter. When you don’t, your machine’s efficiency lowers, using up more power, and therefore, electricity, than required.

10. Stop Using Toilet Paper
This is the biggest culprit behind deforestation. As per the organization, Earth911, nearly 7 million trees are cut down for toilet paper needs of just the US. Why are Indians, who’ve never used toilet paper, switching to it now? Water is much more hygienic, isn’t it? It’s not just individuals, corporate companies are just as responsible.
Text By: Neha Malude (HT News)

10 Easy Ways to Save the Earth, Now

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Guillaume Nery is a French champion free-diver who broke the record at Dean's Blue Hole (Bahamas), world's deepest hole also called vertical cave. This video was filmed on breath hold by Julie Gautier.

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Amazing Free Fall Jump At Dean's Blue Hole

Highly engineered hydraulic bookshelves, beds, couches, desks (Made In Italy)

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Sergey Brin and Larry Page are really lucky to have their names on Cadbury +1 chocolate bars. Cadbury has specially made these personalized Dairy Milk +1 Chocolate bars for them. 
Probably, this is going to be a new trend in social media, when people want to have their names on different products. This is really a nice concept and I am excited to see some other big names on it. Don't you?

Cadbury Chocolates For Goolge Founders

Hybrid Lit C-1 two wheeled car that enables you stay upright and well balanced using gyroscope even at low speed or a standstill. It uses the technology named gyroscope which can be seen in Honda's UNI-CUB and Segway scooters. Its electronic sensors keep the vehicle balanced at all times even if the vehicle is involved in a collision.You can sit and drive using a wheel like in a car. That's why it is called two-wheeled car. It has a top speed of 120Mph. It's battery can give you enough autonomy for 150 to 220 miles and can be charged up in six hours.
Availabiliy: 2014
Price: $12,000 - $16,000 (USD)

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A Two-Wheeled Car With Self Balancing Capability

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